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Cees van Dam



For over 25 years, Cees van Dam has been working as a judge, a counsel for law firms, and an arbitrator. He has provided legal opinions, party advice, second opinions, and he has been a member of legal teams in major cases.

More information on his areas of expertise can be found by following the links on the left. His expertise includes  tort law, contract law, product liability, personal injury, insurance law, damages, consumer law, liability of public bodies, and more generally the impact of European Union law and European Human Rights law on national private law.

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Examples of cases in which he provided legal advice:

  • compatibility of national legislation with the European Directive on liability for defective products
  • contractual liability issues regarding cutting ties by a company with a Dutch aircraft company
  • possible legal consequences of the mis-selling of insurance and investment policies
  • possible state liability for lack of supervision and enforcement of safety regulation
  • the ownership of a famous 19th century painting
  • the joint and several liability of cartel members in the electro-technical industry
  • liability of a financial advisor towards a third party in an international take over of a telephone company
  • possibilities to 'lift the corporate veil' in a product liability case
  • calculation of quantum of damages after breach of contract
  • legal issues regarding airline accidents. He advised, for example, after the crash of an Afriqiyah Airlines fllight near Tripoli International Airport, Libya, in May 2010, and after the crash of a Turkish Airlines flight near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands, in February 2009.

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