Cees van Dam

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Cees van Dam

Dutch tort law and contract law


For over 30 years, Cees van Dam has been teaching, advising and writing on Dutch tort law and contract law. He has been acknowledged as a leading authority in this field and he regularly advises foreign law firms on questions regarding Dutch tort and contract law.

His expertise does not only cover the classic topics (duty of care ('onrechtmatigheid'), standard of care, scope of the duty ('relativiteit'), contributory negligence, causation, remoteness and damages) but also
- liability of public bodies
- liability of regulators
- liability of multinational companies
- liability in cases of insolvency
- liability for rigging Libor and Euribor rates
- liabilty of auditors
- liability for road and air traffic accidents
- the influence of European Union law and the European
  Convention on Human RIghts on Dutch law
- misrepresentation, mistake, undue influence in contract law

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